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Welcome to Echelon Local and the CitySpotz Network! We’re thrilled to have you on board.

Tell Us About Your Local Business!

Let's kick off the journey to showcasing your business in the best light possible. Follow these simple prep instructions before diving into your business profile:

Why Detail Matters:

Just like a teacher grades your work, search engines grade businesses based on their content. A detailed and accurate business profile ensures a higher score and better positioning in search results. So, let's make sure your business gets the recognition it deserves.

What You'll Need:

Before you begin, gather the following information to craft a comprehensive business profile. If your session times out, no worries – you can pick up where you left off anytime.

Create A Unique Business Name:

Choose a name that stands out and accurately represents your business. Make it memorable for potential customers.

List Your Full Business Address:

If your business operates from home, provide your home address for "Google My Business" verification purposes. This helps establish the legitimacy of your business. We will suppress the address during verification, so it will not show in search.

Choose Two Additional Cities:

Think of two nearby cities where you'd like to increase your local visibility. This expands your reach and attracts a broader audience.

Business Contact Number:

Provide a unique contact number with a professional message. Alternatively, we can assign one for you with a professional message to maintain consistency across your business communication.

Web Address or Replicated URL:

Share your website URL or replicated URL that was assigned to you. We will use it to connect features of your Landing Page and E-store for member sign-ups, additional product information, and sales.

Business Overview (500-900 words):

Craft a detailed overview of your business, ranging from 500 to 900 words. If needed, our AI features and staff can assist with the writing process. This is your opportunity to tell your story and highlight key aspects of your business.

Business Logo (PNG, 600×600 to 250×250):

Have your logo ready to go. It's a visual representation of your brand and adds a professional touch to your profile. If you do not have one, we may be able to provide you with a basic one to get started.

Decorative PNG Cover Image (1200×600 or better):

Enhance your profile with an eye-catching cover image. Choose an image that reflects the essence of your business, preferably with minimal text.

List Your Current Services:

If applicable, outline the services you offer. This helps structure your Landing Page and provides visitors with a clear understanding of what your business provides.

List Your Current Products:

If applicable, detail the products available for your E-store setup. This information is crucial for potential customers browsing your offerings. Depending on your package, we may require additional information for the completion of your E-store.

List Your Keywords (10):

Think of keywords that accurately describe your industry and services. These keywords improve your business's overall discoverability in search engines.

Choose Your Industry Categories (3):

Specify three industry categories relevant to your business. This ensures your business profile is registered and approved by Google and other search engines, as well as appearing in the right searches and reaches the intended audience.

Gallery or Portfolio Images:

Include the best visuals of your work or products. High-quality images provide a tangible representation of what your business offers and engages potential customers.

Ready to proceed?

Click the “Next Step” button below to complete your business profile. If you encounter any challenges, our team is here to assist you. Let’s make your business shine!