Landing Page + E-store

Elevate your digital presence with your own Custom Landing Page. Crafted with creativity and precision, it offers a unique online gateway designed to captivate your audience.

– Unique Design
– 1 Custom Page
– Virtual Store Setup
– 5 Products Added
– Payment Configuration
– Shipping Configuration
– Custom Navigation
– Custom Footer
– Capture Form
– Google Map
– Lead Gen
– Mobile Ready
– Domain Name
– Hosting





Introducing our Landing Page with Store Features Package, a comprehensive solution to launch your online business effortlessly. 

Digital Storefront: Transform your landing page into a dynamic digital storefront, showcasing and selling up to 5 products directly from your landing page.

Payment and Shipping Configuration: We’ll set up secure payment options and shipping configurations for a seamless shopping experience. Your customers can pay with confidence, and you can choose the most convenient shipping methods.

Lead Generation: Capture valuable customer information with built-in lead generation tools. This feature empowers you to build lasting customer relationships and grow your business.

Who’s Shopping: Gain insights into your customer base with the “Who’s Shopping” feature, allowing you to understand your audience better and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Your path to online success begins here.


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