Experience Elite Visibility through our dynamic CRM system. Generate consistent streams of high-quality organic and targeted website traffic. Coupled with optimized campaigns, your business will thrive from a steady influx of qualified generated leads.

Unleash the potential of our advanced CRM tools and strategies, yielding a remarkable 4x surge in Ad campaign reach and lead generation. This package empowers businesses focused on bolstering online presence, driving website traffic, capturing leads, and boosting conversions. Immerse in a seamless flow of premium organic and targeted traffic, guided by refined campaigns, nurturing steady customer growth. 

Effortlessly capture leads from both organic and ad-driven traffic using our unique “who’s shopping/browsing” feature. Convert leads to loyal customers through personalized SMS and email campaigns, fortified by automation, nurturing relationships and guiding prospects to conversion. 

Elevate your business to an elite visibility and lead generation level, standing out in the digital arena and achieving unparalleled success. This package includes a dedicated personal Advisor shaping your strategy, supported by AI assistance optimizing each tool for peak performance.



Because the Echelon Local system provides Online Visibility, Organic and Targeted Ad Traffic, Qualified Lead Capture, and a Lead Conversion System that is beneficial for your business, we’ve listed some reasons why a 6-month commitment is necessary and beneficial:

1. Time for Results: Achieving significant results in online visibility, lead generation, and conversions often takes time. Your 6-month commitment allows our system to work its course, implementing strategies, optimizing campaigns, and gathering data for more accurate adjustments. This duration provides a realistic timeframe to observe substantial outcomes.

2. Consistency and Strategy: An extended commitment ensures that the strategies we use and the campaigns we run have enough time to be fine-tuned and optimized for your business. A shorter-term commitment might not provide ample opportunity to fully assess the effectiveness of the different approaches we use, whereas a longer commitment allows for a strategic and methodical approach.

3. Building Trust and Partnership: A 6-month commitment demonstrates our commitment to the success of your business. It establishes a sense of trust and partnership, showing that both Echelon and your business are both invested in achieving long-term goals.

4. Resource Allocation: Developing and implementing comprehensive systems requires resource allocation, including human resources, technology, and marketing budgets. A longer commitment ensures that these resources are effectively allocated, utilized and justified to get results over a meaningful duration.

5. Learning and Adaptation: Over a 6-month period, we gather substantial data and insights about your target audience, their preferences, and how the system is performing. This information is used to make informed adjustments and improvements to increase effectiveness for greater results for your business.

6. Overcoming Initial Challenges: In the early stages of implementing our system to grow your business, there might be challenges that need to be addressed. A 6-month commitment allows for the identification and resolution of these challenges, leading to smoother operations and better outcomes.

7. Holistic Approach: Online visibility, lead generation, and conversion for your business are interconnected processes that need time to synchronize. Your 6-month commitment allows for a more holistic approach, optimizing each aspect and ensuring they work together seamlessly for your business.

8. Building Momentum: The longer commitment enables our system the opportunity to build momentum and gradually amplify its impact. As our system gains traction and data accumulates, it will lead to exponential growth in results.


Our Elite Visibility Package will give your company premium exposure in search on a local level.

Through Echelon Local and the CitySpotz network, your business can generate the absolute best traffic and visibility for a low price per month. This package provides our Business Sync Premium, Business Profile Distribution, Premium Social & Reputation Management Tools, and One Targeted Social Ad Campaign that will continually grow and sustain a strong presence online on a monthly basis. Get the maximum amount of business exposure and results online quickly. We guarantee improved ranking for your business!


Every business owner must come to understand that visibility is everything. However, traditional ways of getting exposure has become a thing of the past. With the constant advancement of technology and the use of so many new devices that are getting smarter every day, the consumer has changed the way they buy and have to be reached in new ways. In search, millions of people are looking to make purchase decisions. The brands that win the consumer, are the ones that are found the easiest online.

Your Echelon Business Profile will be informative and easy to use by mobile consumers. It will also help to establish and control your presence online by structuring an accurate picture of your offerings that search engines will readily index, accept and rank. 

We’ve made it simple for businesses to maintain their presence online and create consistency with information that is shown in search, by powering your content with a process called business sync. A snapshot of the business profile you provide Echelon Local will be replicated through the CitySpotz Network, submitted to Google and all popular Search Engines, Key Data Providers, and other online Directories. This will allow you to manage all the information about your business in one place to maintain accuracy.

Your presence will improve in search every month for as long as you remain a subscriber of Echelon Local.

With the Elite Visibility Package, we include a toll-free or local business number to easily post online and on printed materials to promote your business. We’ll record a custom greeting with a menu of extensions. Then you decide where calls get routed and when. Your callers will only see your business number – no matter where you have the calls routed.

You’ll sound professional to every caller. You instantly separate all of your business calls from personal calls, and you’ll never miss an important call again.

Being apart of the Echelon Local Community and CitySpotz Network allows your business to be found in many places beyond your normal reach.

Our uniquely designed Vortex system places your content strategically across the web to continuously promote your business every day to render you more opportunities to produce leads and increase sales.

Having a solid social presence can sometimes be overrated, however it does have a significant importance. Social allows you to engage with people directly, target specific demographics and stay connected with a more personal touch. Nowadays, being active in social media has also become a vital part of operating a successful business. Sharing products, services, promotions and other relevant information can also be helpful in keeping the lines of communication open between you and the consumer.

To help with maintaining good standings and keep you out front, we include and run four targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram every month for your business.

Having the right keywords associated with your brand and business profile makes it easier for your company to compete online by moving your listed search citations and websites higher in local search rankings.

More than 80% of consumers search online by keyword before making a buying decision. Make sure your business profile ranks higher, gets noticed, and generates more impressions, views and engagements that lead to more sales.

Beyond having your business information sync to The CitySpotz Network, Google and popular directories, we also submit your business profile to the four major data providers: Data Axel, Factual, Foursquare, and Neustar (Localeze). Your business profile is updated and then referenced by more than 300 online business directories, who update their databases with your business information at various points in time. This process yields a wider range of visibility and growth, stronger SEO, as well as accuracy for your business online.

Having your own domain name will make it easier for people to find you. It quickly links consumers to important places where you want them to look and most of all, buy from you. A domain also signifies your business presence online to strengthen your brand.

We include one with your monthly subscription, plus an associated email address of your choice. Your domain and email will remain active for the duration of your subscription on Echelon Local.

Don’t worry…

There’s no need to wonder who is seeing your business and how well you are performing online every month, when you can easily access your monitoring tools for a quick snapshot of how many times your business, product and services are being viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

It’s vital that a business protect their good name. Most consumers say they’ll only consider a business if they have an average rating of 3.5 – 5 stars.

Customer reviews have become very critical to the success of businesses online. Take control over customer feedback by making your ratings shine to increase your rankings and popularity in search and social.